Grilled Pork Chops with Lime and Mesclun Salad

In my opinion, I find grilled pork chops with lime & mesclun salad a very tasty & a healthy meal. This recipe is super yum & totally for a foodie like myself & my family. One of my favourite ways to ease up on dinner duty is by turning on the grill. This recipe box came with easy to follow the recipe with a brief description to go with it. It had fresh & well-packaged ingredients. This is the most simple & full of flavour pork recipe I have tried till now.

:-Ingredients For Dressing:
– Olive oil
– Fresh Lime Juice
– Lemon, the finely grated zest
– Red pepper flakes

:-Ingredients for Salad:
– Shallots, long chopped.
– Lemon juice
– Tsp salt
– Mesclun
– Stalks celery, thinly sliced
– Thinly sliced radish

:-Pork Chops:
– Pork chops with the bone
– Lemon juice
– Honey
– Salt and pepper

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